Recall? What to do…

What Are The Next Steps To Take Into Account After Car Recall?

“The simplest truth of life is that no one knows when car recall happens.”

While the auto industry holds a good reputation for manufacturing durable cars, recalls still happen. There can be many reasons for a recall, from faulty airbags to broken windshield wipers. If you get notified about the car recall by the manufacturer, then it is your responsibility to take a quick step to fix the situation. 

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Car Recall? What Is It?

When a car manufacturer finds a safety-related flaw in a particular model, they issue a recall by informing the owners of the exact safety problem. It may be due to any safety issue related to:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Materials
  • Performance 
  • Entire vehicle

How Does One Get Notified About Car Recalls?

If the car is registered by your name, you will receive a letter in the mail notifying you about your car recall. NHTSA recalls webpage is also an option to check your vehicle status. All you need is to search by your vehicle identification number. There you will learn about the recalls issued on your defective car. 

You can also submit a report regarding a potential car safety issue on the NHTSA website. When it comes to auto safety, even a minor problem can pose a serious risk. Reporting anything you notice is a wise move.  

Furthermore, you should always take car recalls seriously. Ignoring it could lead to further issues.

What Does A Car Recall Letter Include?

A car recall letter includes important information such as:

  • A description of the exact defect.
  • Some of the warning signs to look into the car.
  • Risks associated with the recalled car.
  • Required repairs or replacement.
  • Step-by-step guidance on what to do next. 

Steps To Take Into Account After A Car Recall

In a letter notifying you of a car recall, you will find instructions you need to follow. 

You need to take action as soon as you can because recalled parts have a high chance of failing on the road and causing an accident. 

A manufacturing business can often handle a recalled vehicle in one of three ways: repair a part, replace the vehicle, or reimburse the owner for the vehicle. 

Repair: If a specific part of the vehicle is recalled, you can take a step to repair it as soon as possible with a manufacturer at zero cost. 

If repairing a defective part of your recalled car is the best option, you will get the information about where to get it done via a call notification. 

For the repair of a defective part, you will typically need to visit a car dealership or auto mechanic who specializes in the kind of vehicle you own. 

To have the faulty part fixed, make an appointment with a nearby dealership. There shouldn’t be a charge for this service.

Replace: If the problem caused by your recalled vehicle is not fixed, the manufacturer will notify you that the car part should be replaced completely. 

In that notification, you will get the exact information on which faulty part you should replace and where you need to go to get it changed. You need to use the exact part advised by the manufacturer in the recall letter.

Never attempt to use a different part to replace it with the recalled part. This might result in mechanical issues or damage to the vehicle. If you do this, the chances are higher that the selling value of your car decreases in the future. 

Refund: If the entire car is recalled, you can ask the manufacturer to give a refund. Those registered car owners can further use that refund to purchase a new vehicle. 

No matter the issue with your vehicle, the recall calls for immediate action. You need to contact the manufacturer as soon as possible if there is a safety recall concern with your vehicle. 

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