How to Prolong the Life of Your Car

We provide safe, quality vehicles here at Investment Auto. Take a look at our inventory of cars, or come into Investment auto today to test drive. We want you to enjoy your car for a long time. Proper car maintenance can have an impact on how long your vehicle lasts. Investing in proper care at the beginning and keeping up with maintenance as recommended can help keep you and your passengers safe, keep emissions low, and save you money. Follow these quick tips to keep your car running for as long as you want. We have curated a list of tips to help you make your car last as long as possible.

Check Your Tires

Problems arise, and nails and other miscellaneous things land on the road. Your tires are the direct connection between your vehicle and the road. Under-inflated tires will also increase fuel consumption, so keep them topped up to the recommended pressures listed in your car’s handbook to save money. It is essential to check the air pressure of your tires regularly. Checking your tires is a great way to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and safety.

Swap Your Filters

Filters stop debris from entering your engine. Air filters clean out dirt and dust in the air, while fuel and oil filters trap abrasive sediments. A new oil filter is commonly installed at every oil change. The frequency for your filter to be changed is dependent on your environment as well. You can often prolong the life of the air filter by washing it as well. Consult your handbook for advice on filter cleaning and changes, and be sure to use genuine parts. Cheap, poor-quality filters could damage your engine in the longer term.

Change Your Oil

Oil lubricates and cools the tightly-packed parts inside the engine of your car. Forgoing regular oil and filter changes leads to metal-eating sludge, reduced efficiency, and eventual engine failure. Changing your oil every 3,000 miles (or per the manufacturer’s recommendation) is helpful to prevent damage to your engine.

How You Drive Matters

Rough acceleration and braking can take a toll on your entire car by increasing the stress and strain on components, which wears them out faster. Doing so will reduce component wear and you’ll make your fuel go further. Simple things like using the steering wheel, gearbox, and pedals smoothly are key, along with looking well ahead to reduce the need for sudden braking.

Follow these tips to keep your car in tip-top shape and running smoothly for a long time.

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