Do You Speak Auto? Explaining The Auto Vocabulary Words From A To Z

Do You Speak Auto? Explaining The Auto Vocabulary Words From A To Z

How much do you know about your car?

When you have knowledge of main auto parts, the task of buying a vehicle becomes easier. In the event of a breakdown, or car mishap, knowing vehicle basics can help you.


This post covers all the valuable information on car parts vocabulary words. We hope! This mentioned list of car part names helps you easily memorize the car part names. You’ll be more confident in purchasing a car of your choice. 

So let’s go with one by one:

AIR CONDITIONER: The purpose of the air conditioner is to keep the entire vehicle cool from the inside, especially in the summertime. Whenever you feel stuffy while traveling, all you need is to switch on the AC, sit back, and relax. 

ALTERNATOR: The alternator is that component of a car that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. It works automatically to convert AC power to DC power by activating the electronic system of a car. 

BRAKES: A car’s brake is known as a mechanical device used to halt or slow the running car. 

BATTERY: The battery of the car refers to the automotive battery that helps in kick-starting the vehicle. The battery’s purpose is to power up the car engine. It generates an electric current to the motor to make the car run.

CAR METER: It is also known as a meter that works as a reading device. The car meter’s purpose is to keep a track of the total KMs that the vehicle has run. It also helps record the amount of distance traveled. 

CLUTCH: Clutch is just another important car part. It works as a mechanical device that works in transferring the rotational power to the wheels. 

CATALYTIC CONVERTER: This component in the vehicle makes use of a catalyst to change any harmful compounds emitted from the car’s engine to safe gas molecules. 

CAR ENGINE: A car engine is a mechanism that converts gasoline into motion. This further makes the vehicle move forward or backward. 

FRONT AXLE: It is designed to carry the front portion of the vehicle. Front Axle includes the steering wheel and several operational buttons to facilitate the steering functionality.  

FRONT STEERING: The main purpose of the front steering is to rotate the steering wheel so the vehicle can move forward. It helps convert the rotation of the steering wheel into road wheels’ movement.

FUEL TANK: The fuel tank is used for the purpose of storing motor fuel like petrol, gas, etc. 

GEAR LEVER It is also known as the transmission lever that is attached to the transmission of the car. 

HEADLIGHTS: It is a lighting system that helps in illuminating the road. The purpose is to increase visibility and avoid car crashes.

HOOD: Hood is a hinged cover over the engine that helps secure the motor.

MUFFLER: Also known as vehicle silencer that helps in reducing the noise. 

PETROL TANK: It is used to hold the fuel filled in the car. Located at the base of the vehicle, it helps in operating the engine smoothly. 

RADIATOR: It is a heat exchanger used to cool the car in case when the engine is heated due to the continuous running of a vehicle. 

REAR AXLE: The rear axle is used to transfer power between the two rear wheels. It is situated between the driving wheels of the vehicle. When the wheels turn, the rear axles also rotate.

REAR SUSPENSION: The rear suspension serves the same purpose as the front suspension. It helps manage the engine’s drive and transfer force.

REV COUNTER: The shorthand for the revolution counter is the rev counter. The car’s driveshaft rotational speed is measured with this device.

SPEEDOMETER: The device that determines the vehicle’s speed while it is moving is called a speedometer.

TAIL PIPE: A car’s tail pipe is where the gas that has gathered in the exhaust system is released. Simply said, it serves the same purpose as a home’s chimney.

TRANSMISSION: A machine used to provide regulated power adaption is the transmission in a car. They are a type of machine system that the engine uses to transmit power.

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