Why Buy Used?

Investment Automotive Group is your #1 source for buying a quality pre-owned vehicle. With years of experience serving the area, we are dedicated to offering high-quality, pre-owned vehicles to our customers. We have extensive relationships in the dealer community allowing us to purchase a wide variety of lease returns and new car trades at exceptional […]

Tips for Driving in the Snow!

Winter is here and it surely going to be a cold one! You might be all set to shield you against harsh weather but did your car too? If you reside somewhere where it snows, the chances are higher that you observed overconfident drivers end up in a ditch.  Such an incident is common to […]

Winter Car Emergency Kit

The chilly Winter Season is already upon us! It’s time when we wake up welcoming darker skies with a layer of frozen snow on our cars. As we all know, the heavy winter can get messy due to low temperatures and enough snow. It is common to get stuck on a road with our vehicles […]

Guide To Car Warranties: What Are They? Do You Need It?

Our vehicles are one of the most valuable assets we have. While it is likely to happen wear and tear, car warranties offer great peace of mind whether you have a new car or a used car.  As important as car warranties are, most vehicle owners don’t know a lot about them. However, it’s vital […]

Tips To Keep Your Car Healthy

Whether you have a used or new car, repairs can be pricey. Maintaining your car regularly is essential to keep it in peak shape. Not just for your safety, a well-maintained car also ensures maximum safety for your passengers and other drivers on the road. By examining trouble areas and spotting problems with your car […]

Useful Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Tires!

Tires are one of the most important car components. And keeping up with regular maintenance of tires is vital to get the most out of your journey. Durability, fuel-efficient, better performance, and most importantly, increased road safety are all benefits you can enjoy with well-maintained tires. Buying a car is a considerable financial commitment. You […]

Proven Tips To Pay Off Your Car Payment Early!

Every fourth person takes out a loan to buy a car. One of the main financial responsibilities one has to take seriously is paying off an automobile loan. The debt associated with purchasing a new car appears to be a significant hardship for many as car payments become larger and terms get longer with time. […]

Spectacular Drives In Utah To See Fall Colors!

Everyone loves the fall season! Do you? If you’re looking for the best places to witness the changing fall leaves, you’ve come to the right place. Soon, the fall season in Utah Valley will be in full bloom, covering the mountains in bands of orange and gold. A great way to see the approaching fall […]

5 Useful Tips To Boost Your Vehicle’s Trade-In Value!

You are financially ready to purchase a new car. But one thing that is still troubling you: how to get rid of your existing set of wheels? Shopping for a much better or more fuel-efficient car makes sense, but deciding if you want to sell your current vehicle or trade it in is overwhelming. If […]

5 Sure Signs It’s Time To Buy A New Car

No car owners want their vehicles to become trouble for them, but sometimes it may happen!  Once your car ages, it’s more likely for it to start breaking down. Frequent breakdowns or complete damage is an indication you need to replace or buy a new car.  If you don’t do it earlier, your repair costs […]

Tips on Finding the Best Automobile for Your Needs

Car buying is the biggest investment of life and is time-consuming at the same time.  With a market full of a variety of brands and models, finding a car that fits your needs is quite overwhelming. So how do you find the car suiting your needs for years to come? Well, it takes your little […]

Do You Speak Auto? Explaining The Auto Vocabulary Words From A To Z

Do You Speak Auto? Explaining The Auto Vocabulary Words From A To Z How much do you know about your car? When you have knowledge of main auto parts, the task of buying a vehicle becomes easier. In the event of a breakdown, or car mishap, knowing vehicle basics can help you. BELOW IS THE […]

Check Before You Go!

When it comes to road trips, you want to make sure that all aspects of your car are in tip-top shape. Check these before you go.  Battery  The first purpose of an auto battery is to provide power for starting your vehicle. It also acts as a surge protector for the car’s computer and provides […]

Prep Your Car For Winter

You may be thinking it’s too early to think about winter, but… summer is over and in a blink of an eye, it’s cold again! We want you to be prepared for the cold weather to come. Check out this list of tips to prep your car for winter. Check Your Wiper Fluid Car talk […]

Battle of the Midsize Sedan

Midsize sedans are consistently popular year by year. They are versatile vehicles in style, comfort, and space. With so many options available, it can be hard to narrow it down. Here are some of the top midsize sedans from the last five years.  Honda Accord  The Honda Accord has a longstanding history of reliability. The […]

How to Prolong the Life of Your Car

We provide safe, quality vehicles here at Investment Auto. Take a look at our inventory of cars, or come into Investment auto today to test drive. We want you to enjoy your car for a long time. Proper car maintenance can have an impact on how long your vehicle lasts. Investing in proper care at […]

The Perfect First Car

Getting your first car is an important milestone for any teen, but it is also a nerve-racking time for parents. At Investment Auto, we understand the importance of your teen driving a safe, reliable first car. With our wide range of options, we can help you find the perfect fit for your budget and needs. […]

Questions to Ask Youself When Purchasing a Vehicle

Knowing what to ask yourself when you are considering purchasing a new vehicle is the first step. There are so many factors to consider, your car needs to be tailored to you adn your life. Start by currating a list of needs that correlate with your everyday life and family. We can help you find […]

Trucks – The Vehicles of Summer

Trucks are the vehicles of the summer. Whether you need a truck for camping or pulling your boat, we have great options with high towing capacitites. Enjoy an enhanced sense of power and an unmistakable presence. When you’re ready to head out on the open road, you’ll appreciate the ability of this truck to haul […]

Car Spotlight

We want to spotlight some of the great cars we have here at Investment Auto, this week it’s the….(insert drum roll)  2016 BMW Twin Turbo!  Along with this cars attributes, the Twin Turbo also managed to secure a spot on the 2016 Wards 10 Best Engines list. BMW’s 3.0L TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder B58 gasoline engine […]

Auto Emergency Kit

Here at the Investment Auto Group, your safety is our priority. Unexpected things happen. From a flat tire, to a paper cut, it’s always good to have a backup plan and be prepared for anything while on the road. We have gathered a list of essentials recommended by the National Safety Council, to keep in […]

The Reviews Are In!

We have hundreds of 5-star reviews from our customers who found the perfect car down here at the Investment Auto Group!  We pride ourselves on having immpeccable customer service. Our number one goal is finding the perfect car for you and your family. Check out these 5 star reviews from our customers!  “This dealer was […]

4 Acticities to Do This Summer in Your Car

Summer is right around the corner!! Along with that comes more family time and activities. Here at the Centerville Investment Auto Group, we are here to help you trade in your old car and/or purchase a quality pre-owned car, SUV, truck or van at a reasonable price for your adventures to come. Here is a […]

Is Van Life for You?

When you’re scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, do you ever stumble upon accounts about living that “Van Life” and the perks of life on the road? Same. And have you ever thought about quitting your 9-5, then loading up your personal belongings in a van and hitting the road? I mean, of course, we’ve all had that […]

Road Trips and Long Drives wiht Kids? Check Out These Hacks!

Road trips can be adventurous, marvelous, and exciting – except when you have kids.  Look, we’re all about families here at Investment Auto Group, but let’s just be honest – when you take children on road trips, especially young children, it can be overwhelming and downright exhausting. That’s just the plain facts. It can be a miserable […]