Car Cleaning Tips

Traveling, carpooling, school drop-offs, practice, and even grocery store trips can wreak havoc in your car. Trash piles up, the carpets and seats get dirty from rain or snow, and fingerprints are everywhere like a Monet or Van Gogh painting. 

And if you have little ones, we’re sure crumbs are just lurking underneath those car seats. 

No one likes a messy car – no one. And it’s unrealistic to pay a professional to detail your car every month or so. But we understand that it’s also time-consuming trying to find the day to make your car look brand new again. Sometimes, all it will take is developing small habits from these tips we’ve compiled. But, if you do not want to do that because, you know, life, we also have these hacks when it comes to cleaning your car in one go.

Tip #1: Every time you gas up, take out the trash 

Trash just seems to show up in your car – that’s just the fact. So make it a habit that you do a thorough check for trash inside the car every time you fill up your gas. Look in every nook to make sure you didn’t subconsciously stuff a paper napkin away. Check under the seats and in the trunk. Doing this can keep your car tidy.

Tip #2: Use seat covers 

Before seat covers, grandparents would use a small blanket or towel and lay it on their seats. But now, there are seat covers! Use them to protect your seats from stains, spills, and tears. When they begin to smell or look dirty, simply take the covers off and throw them in the washer. In the meantime, use a fabric spray and add a couple of spritzes on the seats to make them smell better. If you have pets that tag along for rides, get a seat cover for them to sit and lay on – trust us, they come in handy.

Tip #3: Keep a dustpan brush or handheld vacuum in the car

Getting to the car wash for a vacuum session isn’t always possible, so keep a dustpan brush or handheld vacuum for minor dirt and crumbs in your car. Sweep or vacuum the carpets every week – it only needs to take at least a minute of your time! No one wants to look at those big crumbs. It’s a quick go-to when you can’t make it to the car wash. Out of sight, out of mind – you’ll love the feeling of a clean carpet.

Tip #4: Keep wipes in the car

Have you ever ordered a coffee through the drive-thru window and spilled a little? Yeah – don’t we know it. To keep your interior spotless, always keep wipes in your car. Quickly wipe up the mess before it becomes sticky or grimy.

These are 4 habits you can work on with minimal effort. It may take some time getting used to, but you’ll have it down in no time. However, if you want to really make your car sparkle, here are some hacks that worked for us!

Hack #1: Use a flathead screwdriver to clean between crevices

Don’t you hate when grime piles up in-between those small dashboard and side door crevices? Same. When you want to get that gunk out, using a flathead screwdriver can help. Simply cover it with a wet wipe or damp cloth, so you’re not scratching any surfaces.

Hack #2: Never underestimate the power of makeup and paintbrushes 

Look, you’re not applying makeup or painting a picture – you’re cleaning. The brushes can get into those annoying vents and dashboards. Scrub down any surface that needs a good clean touch and watch how easily grime gets scrubbed away. You can also use it to quickly dust down anything, but this is where the next hack comes in handy.

Hack #3: Use a compressed air spray 

You know those sprays that you use on keyboards to get out the dust and help the keys become “unstuck”? You can also use that in your car! It’s excellent for your dashboard, especially since most vehicles have electronic screens and buttons.

Hack #4: Wipe down wiper blades with rubbing alcohol

Don’t you hate it when you try to clean your windshield and back windows, but your wiper blades leave a streak? It’s annoying, especially driving at night. Here’s a hack: wipe down your blades with a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol. This might seem weird, but it’s known to work.

Give all these tips and hacks a try. What do you have to lose? 

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