All American Truck Wars

Ford Vs Chevy Vs Dodge: A Quick Comparison To Find Out Which Truck Is Better?

The automotive industry is growing faster with so many latest truck models on the market. Among them, the recent battle is between Ford Vs Chevy Vs Dodge. These truck leaders have a diverse history and are popular for their different styles. 

When one looks at these brands, the very first question that strikes the mind is “Which One Is Better?”. Not just in terms of outer appeal but also the interior quality, reliability, performance, and safety. 

All of these truck brands are superb, and they are very comparable. If you’re unsure which brand to choose, stick with the design that best suits your needs and preferences.

To assist you in making your decision, continue reading to learn more about Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, as well as their specifications and features. 

Here are some brief analyses and judgments regarding their interiors to engines.

In-depth Comparison between Major Truck Leaders – Ford Vs Chevy Vs Dodge

To make an easy decision about which truck is best to pick, you have to compare the specifications and features of each. In this detailed comparison, we will discuss the features like interior, engine weight, ride quality, and much more. 

In Terms Of Weight – Ford Vs Chevy Vs Dodge

Ford is popularly known to be the all-aluminum pickup truck that came into the market in 2015. It became the most lightweight truck compared to the previous releases out there. The weight of the truck was more than 700lbs.

Chevy on the other hand unveiled its Silverado unit in the market manufactured with aluminum components. It lost 450 pounds only as it was the decision of Chevy not to replace everything with aluminum. Instead, there is only replacement of the tailgate, doors, and hood.

Whereas in the case of Dodge, there is only a loss of 225 lbs. Only its hood and tailgate were replaced with aluminum. 

In comparison, we found that the aluminum usage on these varies, but the weight is suitable matching their engine and transmission options.

In Terms Of Interiors – Ford Vs Chevy Vs Dodge

The thing that makes Ford the best is its interiors. It gives a good look overall even after years of usage. Simply, Ford trucks have cool interiors and one of its impressive features is the integrated Ford Sync technology. This powerful technology allows the synchronization of commands between the vehicle and the smartphone. 

But it doesn’t mean the leaders like Chevy and Dodge lack behind in terms of interiors. These models also have upgraded interiors equipped with advanced technology just like Ford. 

In Terms Of Power – Ford Vs Chevy Vs Dodge

Over the years, these three models Ford Vs Chevy Vs Dodge are the top leaders in the truck industry. All these are best in terms of towing, performance, capability, and horsepower. Their features make them the best purchase. 

The Dodge features a high-end V8 engine that has around 395 horsepower. On the other hand, the Ford comes with an impressive power of 400-450 horsepower. At the same time, the Chevy Silverado has a horsepower of 420 horsepower. 

In Terms Of Gas Mileage – Ford Vs Chevy Vs Dodge

Depending upon the engine type, the Chevy truck provides gas mileage between 20-24 MPG. If we talk about Ford, it has impressive gas mileage that is between 25-26 MPG. Where as the Dodge has a gas mileage of between 22-33 MPG. 

This implies that the Chevy model eats up more gas significantly as compared to the Ford and Dodge.  

In Terms Of Ride Quality – Ford Vs Chevy Vs Dodge

No matter how the vehicle looks outside, the quality of the ride still matters. The best way to do it is during off-road traveling. By doing so, one can judge the ride quality. 

Comparing these three brands, both Dodge and Ford give the best performance when these are off-road. Even with the trailer behind them, these models perform remarkably. 

In Terms Of Reliability – Ford Vs Chevy Vs Dodge

When it comes to reliability, performance, and safety, Ford is the true winner. Although it takes the first position, it doesn’t mean Chevy and Dodge are behind. These two are also fairly comparable and come with noteworthy features. 

The Final Word

When picking the ideal truck for you, you can take various factors into account like weight, interior, power, and others mentioned above. 

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