Summer Sports Car

Nothing says summer like a sports car. A sports car is a car designed with an emphasis on dynamic performance, such as handling, acceleration, top speed, and thrill. The idea of scenic drives through the canyon are enough to sway anyone towards a sports car. Here’s a rundown of our sports cars in stock. 2016 […]

Get the Most Out of Your Test Drive

The goal of your test drive is to make sure that the car is a perfect fit for YOU. You can test drive an array of cars at Investment Auto to find the one that you want. We have a wide selection of quality used cars and trucks with many different colors, options and accessories. […]

The Cars of Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to get ready for all of your summer activities, including road trips, off-roading, and pulling a boat to the lake. Find a car or truck that fits your lifestyle, then get ready to hit the road! We can help you get into the oerfect car for you this summer. […]

Chevy & Ford – American Made

Seeking high-quality cars made in the USA? Investment Auto has you covered. Ford  The history of American-made cars starts with Ford. Henry Ford revolutionalized the automobile in 1903 and was the first American-based auto manufacturer. Henry Ford’s Model T put the world on wheels with a simple, affordable, durable car. As a result, Ford sold […]

Vintage Car Shows

We at Investment Auto carry a wide range of vehicles to fit your specific needs. We are here to help you find the car to best fit your lifestyle. Contact us today to set up a test drive or learn more. If you love cars like we do, car shows may be the perfect hobby […]

A Clean Car is a Happy Car

Here at Investment Auto, our cars come off the lot spick and span. But life happens… kids with sticky hands, french fries under the seats, rainy days, and dirt are all part of your adventures. Once your car has been lived in, it may need a good wash. Leaving your car in the summer heat, […]